Staff Spotlight

Welcome to the Staff Spotlight section in The Hermon Press. Here is where you can find a weekly tidbit about a selected faculty member! This section is designed to focus on the personal lives of our teachers and staff in order to show students that they are more than just mean people who give them homework or fail them in class! I hope you find that our dedicated staff has talents and wisdom to share. 

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Staff Spotlight: Mr. Murray

Mr. Murray, who grew up in Milford Maine, is a teacher here at Hermon High School. He is a dedicated teacher here and has been teaching for three years. Murray is our spotlight of the week. 

Mr. Murray really enjoys his teaching job here at Hermon. He understands the kids and loves working with them because he has two kids and a family of his own. Mr. Murray treats everyone like family and that is simply because he cares so much about his own family.12141770_1138807849466253_6812909335683036400_n

When Mr. Murray isn’t in school he has many other things he likes to do. For example, in the fall he coaches the Orono golf team. In the spring, he coaches the Orono tennis team, and starting this year in the winter he will be coaching our boys JV basketball team. Which everyone is very excited about because of all the success he has had coaching at Orono. When he has  free time away from coaching and school he spends most of his time with his kids and wife at his home in Milford. Eventually, he hopes to move his family into a nice home in Hermon.

Mr. Murray got involved in Hermon by substitute teaching at Hermon High School. He enjoyed his time subbing here a lot and wanted to come back to sub again. Then, in the spring of 2016 they posted they were looking for a full time teacher, so Mr. Murray jumped right on that and got himself an interview saying to himself, “let’s go.” He really didn’t want to screw the interview up so going into it he kept telling himself, “ don’t screw it up.” The interview went well and he was hired to teach here as an English teacher.

The rest is history, Mr Murray has been teaching here for three years now and hasn’t gotten sick of his job yet. He says his time here has been great and wouldn’t trade it for anything. When asked about the community he says, “ It’s a great community and has a great family feel to it.” Part of the reason the community has this feel is because of Mr Murray.


Favorite song – “Believe Me” by Drake / Lil Wayne

Food – Pizza

Movie – The Shawshank Redemption

Animal – three toed sloth 

Quote – “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.” – The Shawshank Redemption